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About Amaten

Amaten is currently the leading Japanese secondary marketplace for gift cards.


Our story

Amaten is committed to providing liquidity to this traditionally illiquid market.

Amaten has since then generated incredible results with an exceptionally great service for all participants in the Japanese gift card market.

  • Japan’s first gift card marketplace of Japan
  • Transaction growth on average of 20% per year
  • Reached one million Transactions in 2018
  • Fast growing company with revenues multiplying 8 fold over the past 5 years from 2013-2017
  • 240 000 active users
  • 40% of secondary market share


Amaten will disrupt the existing gift card industry and force the current paradigm into redundancy.

Amaten founded
  • Japan's first gift card marketplace of Japan
  • Revenues Increased five folds
2018 Q2
Investment bank partnership
  • Dalma Capital
2018 Q4
  • First time reaching one million
2019 Q1
Strategic Partnership
2019 Q2
Strategic Technological Partnership
2019 Q3
First Press Release Announcement
2019 Q4
Seed round
  • Strategic investors
2019 Q4
Direct listing
2020 Q1
Listing of AMA
2020 Q4
DAPP development
2021 Q4
Amaten Dapp Release

Executive Team

The Amaten Team combines a passion for information technology expertise; a proven record in the Japanese market , business development, marketing and finance.




    Very motivated IT entrepreneur and venture capitalist.
    Tom, at the age of 20 during the early days of the Japanese IT and Internet, founded one of the first mobile content provider startup in Japan in 1996.
    Again in 2007, with Mizuho Capital as an investor, Tom founded the first photo sharing content startup in Japan, which was later acquired by Jangle Corp.
    A couple of years later, in 2010 joined IT VC firm ‘Net Age’ as managing partner.
    Finally, started the Amaten exchange in 2012.

    Chief Executive Officer


    Chief Executive Officer

      Certified public accountant and licensed tax accountant.
      Joined Asahi auditing firm in 1999.
      Started own business after becoming a certified public accountant.
      Head of beyond General Accounting Office which has business with more than 400 companies in Japan and abroad, a senior partner of Saiwa Audit LLC, CEO of Henri & M.C, a solution company, CEO of amaten inc., a business company, and outside director of more than 30 client companies.
      Lecturer at MOT since April 2011.
      Has been noted for business scheme development to maximize clients' needs as a specialist, a consultant, an entrepreneur, and a businessperson.

      Chief Operating Officer


      Chief Operating Officer

        Graduated from Teikyo University in 2001 with a major in Science and Engineering, as a Programmer.
        Joined an Technology component manufacturer company where he was responsible for verifying the operation of semiconductor using EDA tools.
        Kazuyoshi developed and designed the automated flow for testing and quality verification.
        Later in 2007, he joined and IT company as a senior Programmer and developer.
        He oversaw business development content, search services, picture sharing services, animation, and also social games.
        Head hunted to join Amaten in 2014, he was assigned to be the Chief Operation Officer.
        Kazuyoshi drove the rapid atomization of the exchange as well as the development of the proprietary plasorm.
        He was promoted to Managing Director at the end of 2016.

        Chief Marketing Officer


        Chief Marketing Officer

          After graduating from school in the United States, Minoru joined IT venture firm SEO where he was assigned to assist on marketing and website development and affiliate business in 2008.
          Minoru then joined a project for giant telecommunication firm Softbank in 2013 and worked to maximize their revenue per advertising campaign and develop new service promotions.
          Head hunted by Tom, he eventually joined Amaten in 2015 as the Chief Marketing officer, taking care of all marketing assignments and customer service.
          Minoru played an important role in the tremendous growth of the business by multiplying the number of users, product offerings, and improving Amaten service and website organization.

          AMA Project Director
          TOM KANAZAWA


          AMA Project Director

            Experienced Financial Markets Professional worked in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Middle East.
            Over twenty years of working experience in Banking and Finance in Capital Markets.
            Since 2010 managing a business on Financial Advisory based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
            Worked on various projects for Investment banks, Corporations and Stock Exchanges.
            Recently working with blockchain projects and digital asset exchanges focusing on token valuations and market making.

            Technology Partners

            MASAKUNI KATO
            Chief Technology Officer - AIRS

            MASAKUNI KATO

            Chief Technology Officer - AIRS

              Earlier Upon graduation in 2000, Masakuni established a retail system development and e-commerce consulting solution business.
              Seeing the business grow rapidly he established Airs in 2003 as a software programming and development service provider.
              In 2006, he developed and released the very popular Blog search service "TagClick”.
              The search engine was later in 2008 sold to large digital marketing provider Irep Co.
              In 2014, he was assigned as chief engineer project manager for the development of the proprietary software of the Amaten Exchange.
              Masakuni and his team were able to develop a very efficient and automatic matching platform specific to Gift cards that is able to handle thousands of transactions a day and unique APIs that connect to the 7 major Japanese banks.
              In parallel, Airs grew to be a web so1ware provider for major Japanese blog services.
              It also specializes in SaaS system for e-commerce business, iPad application for musical instrument, and photo sharing apps.

              YUSUKE SASAKI
              Senior Developer - AIRS

              YUSUKE SASAKI

              Senior Developer - AIRS

                Yusuke was an engineer at the Japanese Self-defense Force: Central Air Force command until the age of 25, when he then embarked to work as a freelance so1ware developer.
                He developed different so1wares for clients using Sound Authorizing Tools, CAD, CAM so1ware development, and FPD inspection apparatus so1ware.
                In 2006, he was assigned to be the project manager for the development and implementation for optimization of engine vehicle design using AutoCAD plugin applications.
                Yusuke joined AIRS in 2009, and has since been specialized in the development of SaaS Web system for e-commerce, Android or apple iOS apps, prevention and disaster information system, and EC Social network affiliate apps.
                In 2015, he was assigned as the lead engineer and project manager for the Amaten digital exchange.
                Yusuke is currently working on TCP/UDP Sockets, WebSocket and mDNS developments.

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